Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty little liars season 1 episode 03 (8TV, Malaysia)

This episode start with the four little liars (Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria) went to the wood to Honor the late Alison, but their plan was disturb by a noisy running sound that Spencer assume as the sound of a rabbit. Spilt seconds after that, they all got text massages from A, written as “Heads up, BFFs, it’s open season on liars and I am hunting…”

Well, I can see that Hanna did not really taking of their “Honoring Alison Ritual” so well , its seem that she want to do the last honor to Alison fast & just like touch n go (well, friendship is only for the people who still alive, doesn’t it?).

Jenna, who is blind from the firecracker which drives to the Jenna’s house on fire incident – all the liars called “the Jenna thing”, is coming back to school with her step brother, Toby.  In this episode, we get to see lots of flashback on the “Jenna thing incident”, where one of them show us Alison threaten Toby about something that she had on him and force him to be responsible on the fire.

Besides of flash back on “the Jenna thing”, the audience also get to see the flashback of Aria’s dad kissing his student (what goes around comes around daddy - which aria now dates her English teacher).

The storyline of sibling rival is heat up between Melissa and Spencer – of course, it’s a big issue if you are kissing your sister fiancĂ© (it’s a NO-NO situation ge-girl), and this situation will be worsen maybe in upcoming episode since Spencer is copying Melissa’s high school assignment about Russian revolution.

As its started, this episode is also ends with all the little liars trying to give their last honor to Alison, but same with the beginning if this episode, they hear a noise, not to miss the person for the second time, they try to hunt down the stalker but end up with finding a bracelet that reads "Alison." instead. Who are the stalker and who is A and what she is up to?? Is she is giving the clue of the person who killed her? So many question need to be resolved.

The best dress? Okay…okay…I need to choose 1. Its hard to make a decision since none of it catch my eyes. Ok the honor goes to Hanna, with the red dress that she wear during the party...

Meanwhile, the best quotes I need to give it to Jenna : Whisper, wisper, wisper, its almost like Alison is still here”.

Jenna... she also kept some secret?

Unlike the gossip girl, most of the quotes in Pretty Little Liars is not funny and is really serious. But I like this show, still =)

While tonight songs kind of catch my ear – one of my favorite is the song airing while Aria meet Mr. Firtz, at the end of the episode sing by Jaylene Johnson, the title is Closer.

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