Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretty Little Liars s01e18

I just watched this episode yesterday. and u guys know what? i am sooooo fall in love with Caleb, the guy who is a friend of Hanna. I will update from the beginning of the episode till the current episode later (postpone is my middle name), hahahah =)

Okays. let just talk about this episode first. In this episode the 4 little liars (Spencer, Hanna, Aria n Emily) found out that Alison is not just a a "mean girl", but also dangerous at the same time. As Ian (spancer's brother in law who used to date with Alison) said Alison is "a stalker who couldn’t take no for an answer", i might agree with him. The flashback shows Alison bring the 4 little liars to a party where Ian was with a girl, the party end up with policeman everywhere when the girl who is with Ian fell from the staircase. till now only the 4 little liars realize that there might be possibility that Alison is the 1 who push the girl away.

flashback - i suppose our little liars should look ugly coz they are "the weirdo" during "flashback days"?

While for my favorite character, This episode show hot scene between Hanna and Caleb (ouchssss), and the fighting scene between Aria n Ezra (her English teacher cum boyfriend) is so.ho.ho~ BOH.RING.

hot scene? must watch by yourself =) (no 18 sx no worries)

Fashion? i frankly have to admit i DONT admire the outfit at all, but i do adore their NAIL color and the hairdo in this show espacially hanna's braid in this episode:

cute hanna with cuter braid

Monday, February 21, 2011

the merong mahawangsa saga - Malaysia's epic movie

i saw an advertisement on this movie which will be in cinema on 10 March 2011. its a wow to malaysian. KRU production must be proud. i think it is an epic movie about merong mahawangsa, who is a legend in Malay land (before the formation of Malaysia, Malaysia is known as Malay Land).

I used to read about merong mahawangsa when i was in primary school (i sneaked in my brother's room n read it). unfortunately i already forgot the contain (amnesia, anyone?).

with God willing i will write about this movie when i watched it in March. pls catchup with me. =)

gotta go.da~

**sorry the name of the movie is THE MALAY CHRONICLES BLOODLINES, not the merong mahawangsa saga (which i directly translate from malay's title)

**untuk membaca blog ini dalam bahasa melayu, lawat

Sunday, February 20, 2011

gossip girl - now n then (season 1)

I am craving more of gossip girl. but need to wait until this Tuesday (Monday in NY) for the latest episode airing. so, as to fill my so called freeeee time, i been called to write on the summary on the gossip girl from 1 season till the latest season, in my point of view.


in this season, audiences was introduced to main character - serena, blair, nate, dan n chuck. in this season, chuck seem more to an add rather than a main role. but when the show developed, the writers maybe realize that people love chuck more than nate (in novel, nate is the central of attention). then only comes the relation between chuck n blair coz people love to see bad boy with bad girl (no doubt blair n chuck like magnet pole). n serena start her relationship with dan who admired her before she left for boarding school.

we can see blair struggle hard to be no 1 in everything. she is so mad that serena came back and afraid in the same time if serena take back her title as queen bee. with serena, she feel so insecure and always feel that she been put as number 2 even by her mother.

while serena in the other hand, came back to upper east side and dont care about her "it girl" title anymore, she came back and she tried to changed from party girl to girl next door. she get lots of help from dan (who admired her) , to become a good person.

Nate was introduced as blair's handsome boyfriend who at the same time had feeling to serena. he also lost his virginity to serena (G.R.O.S.S). His character is strength in season 1.

Chuck is a rich spoiled boy who in the same time is a best friend of nate's. he also befriend with serena and blair because they share same social natework. at the middle of the season, we get to see chuck first love even he had been with lots of girl before.

Dan is a poor boy from Brooklyn who lived with his father and a little sister, jenny. Blair really hates dan she dont even want to be close to dan as if he will spread the bacteria to her. dan become serena's boyfriend in this season 1.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A journey to the dream

Today i am searching house for my sis. a whole day is full of viewing houses. +____+ so tired but am so happy to update my blog. huhuhuhu..... this is actually not the journey of my dream, but hers. thinking of my little angel (my niece) living far away from me is upsetting. (tisk...tisk...), but if the new place is a place which is good for a child to grow up, so its ok for me.

okay enough about me. i will think about other show/series to discuss in this blog (even the malay show). u all goin 2 love it.yeeeeha~ *penguin dance*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

pretty little liars - the introduction

pretty little liars is a new teenage show. the show starts airing in 2010, unfortunately, in Malaysia the show is not airing in any of our Tv channel. what a waste.

i will do some introduction on this show. whoever in Kuala Lumpur is interested to follow this show, just let me know =)
i am more than happy to share it with u all girls~ mayb we can discuss about the show and share our taught here. right? below is some info about the show:


this show is base on a teenage novel PRETTY LITTLE LIARS released in 2006 and is written by sara shepard. I come to know this series when i browse through google to find some new series that i can watch during gossip girl series break (ok.ok.enough about me).

this show is about 4 best friends (Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily) plus another 1 dead best friend (Alison Dilaurentis) who had been disappeared after their sleepover before they start their 8th grade in their school Rosewood Day. everything had changed since Alison disappeared. Aria moved to Iceland, Spencer, Hanna and Emily is no longer bestfriends. Hanna find her new best buddy (Mona) and replace Alison as Queen Bee. Emily focus on her swim team the shark and Spencer become more and more perfectionist.

After 3 years of the incident, Aria returns to town and find out everything had changed. Alison body was found and the black mail of unidentified person who introduced him/herself as A start to hunt this 4 little liars life. and the show begin with more and more mystery things happen in their live. they are being black mail by email, sms, letter and others such as unpleasant mystery gift. (below is the picture of 4 little liars and Alison)

Four Pretty Little Liars
from left spencer, emily, hanna and aria

A Photo
Alison - missing. reward RM 1,000,000 heheeee

i will write in Malay later. hope u all feel it to your nerves. its a great show to follow after all, not a waste of time =)


my opinion n tought:

I just watched gossip girl season 4 episode 15. my opinion is awesome!!! the sadest part is that blair realize chuck's feeling towards raina is true. i feel it inside as if i am in blair's shoe..... verryyy upsetting when our ex is already move on while we thought he/she is waiting for us ( leona lewis - better in time keep played n replayed in my mind).


The magic touch of designer for this week is no where can be seen. =(  i hate Raina disco ball dress which she wear during chuck's partaaaay. in case of serena: again in this episode they try to show off serena boobiesss? NOT that fascinating dear. sorry to say. blair dress would be fine only if it is without sleeve.

We're Not Looking at the Text
more booobiees doesnt mean more fashionista serena.

the quote that i love in this episode:

of course from our very own gossip girl to blair:..Roses are red, hydrangeas are blue. Chuck's given his heart away ... But guess what, Blair? Not to you.

this quote so called "pantun" in Malays is the line i looove the most during my secondary our malay "pantun" pen merah pen biru u marah i love u.

gossip girl - headband obsession!

i am a hardcore fan of gossip girl show since season 1. really love the show! blair n chuck is owesome. season 1 and 2 is the best season for gossip girl. i even made headband which quite the same with blair's headband in season 2 finale. **blush** funny la. this is the pic of the headband

i even made it by myself duh!

till now, i still adore the outfit from season 1 & 2. season 3 is a total mess. i dont like the idea of Serena everyone sleeping with anyone.

by the way, i am still new in blogging. hope i can improve. till then. will write again.


**untuk membaca blog ini dalam bahasa melayu, lawat

Sunday, February 13, 2011


i am new in blogging. but i have feeling that i would love to do it. its very own page? wow. cool!
will be update letttaaaarr~