Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going to Jakarta -->> visiting my friend

well... again. to jakarta. i had went there last month to pay a visit to my friend, who just start to work there. I think she is a little bit lonely there, even u are working with you colleague from same country, but everybody is keep busying with own thing.

I cant believe their MIDNIGHT movie start at 10 PM. u know--->> MIDNIGHT?? does the name already suggest that the MIDNIGHT MOVIE should start at THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, which is absolutely not 10 PM??

Back to my friend, i have a SUPRISE3! for her. huhuhuuh~~ the novel she ever wanted to has but never had a chance to buy --> jeng3.... LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN 1. call us 2000 late but i am actually not a fan of Malay Novel, n for my friend, just forgive her since she is from Japan, so when the LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN movie boom, only she know about the existence of this novel.

Dewa Mata Ne~

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