Tuesday, May 24, 2011

KONGSI – A Must watch Malay Movie, Malaysia

Yeah, I know I am a little bit late to discuss about Kongsi. But, for those who still does not has a chance to watch it, better go and watch than never.
This movie is about a man (Temulak) from Thailand who comes to Malaysia just to make sure the Malaysian Triad is chaos. It’s a Comedy Genre if its up to me to decide. The most famous quote for this movie is “LU LANGSI, LU MATI” (if you are showing off, you will die).  The most ridiculous part is that even Temulak is a gangster, he does not know how to use a gun. What a real gangster he is.
Besides of Utara’s Slang, there is also Kelantan’s Slang and Siamese Language being use. This movie makes me laugh till my cheek pain. Even so, its still cannot beat the time I watched “To Meet the Spartans” after my last examination paper in my final year in University, till today I still can feel the feeling of happiness on that day (hmm…actually...maybe it is due to it is the end of my university’s life??)
For foreigner who live in Malaysia, it is not a bad idea to watch this movie, which come with English subtitles (I wonder why I still read the subtitles even the movie is in Malay – old habit die hard)
So guys, just enjoysssss~~
For those who had watched this movie, why not come and share some thought and give some comment.

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