Saturday, April 30, 2011

the art of waiting

i am right now feel sooo itchy n hyper waiting for my wedding dress to be posted from jakarta, which is ==> irritating, annoying, nervous, happy and worried in the same time all mixed up and its like a mix of mint and chocolate (its gross i hate mint but love the choc).

i dunno about others, but i am positive that most of us hate the feeling of waiting, like...being in waiting list for collage. right? this is the feeling does it? now i get blair's feeling (in gossip girl novel) of being a waiting list for yale. its so hard that sometimes we feel like we want to knock on the person in charge door to make sure they do their job in 1/2 second.

oh, by the way, i just watch a reality show of TRUE BEAUTY (by ABC - 2009), a show in USA which try to find a winner base on their outer and inner beauty - but the contestants thought that they only will be judged base on their outer beauty. the 1st season's winner is Julia, an ex-miss Taxes teen pageant. which, i need to admit that she is so beautiful inside and outside, just that she need to wear less fake tan makeup, that is it. She is so generous, and for the first time in my life, i dont think that i am a good person after i see this show. demmm. hahahaha.

julia, the winner of inner and outer beauty - i kind of admire her =)