Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretty Little Liars s01e18

I just watched this episode yesterday. and u guys know what? i am sooooo fall in love with Caleb, the guy who is a friend of Hanna. I will update from the beginning of the episode till the current episode later (postpone is my middle name), hahahah =)

Okays. let just talk about this episode first. In this episode the 4 little liars (Spencer, Hanna, Aria n Emily) found out that Alison is not just a a "mean girl", but also dangerous at the same time. As Ian (spancer's brother in law who used to date with Alison) said Alison is "a stalker who couldn’t take no for an answer", i might agree with him. The flashback shows Alison bring the 4 little liars to a party where Ian was with a girl, the party end up with policeman everywhere when the girl who is with Ian fell from the staircase. till now only the 4 little liars realize that there might be possibility that Alison is the 1 who push the girl away.

flashback - i suppose our little liars should look ugly coz they are "the weirdo" during "flashback days"?

While for my favorite character, This episode show hot scene between Hanna and Caleb (ouchssss), and the fighting scene between Aria n Ezra (her English teacher cum boyfriend) is so.ho.ho~ BOH.RING.

hot scene? must watch by yourself =) (no 18 sx no worries)

Fashion? i frankly have to admit i DONT admire the outfit at all, but i do adore their NAIL color and the hairdo in this show espacially hanna's braid in this episode:

cute hanna with cuter braid

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