Thursday, February 17, 2011


my opinion n tought:

I just watched gossip girl season 4 episode 15. my opinion is awesome!!! the sadest part is that blair realize chuck's feeling towards raina is true. i feel it inside as if i am in blair's shoe..... verryyy upsetting when our ex is already move on while we thought he/she is waiting for us ( leona lewis - better in time keep played n replayed in my mind).


The magic touch of designer for this week is no where can be seen. =(  i hate Raina disco ball dress which she wear during chuck's partaaaay. in case of serena: again in this episode they try to show off serena boobiesss? NOT that fascinating dear. sorry to say. blair dress would be fine only if it is without sleeve.

We're Not Looking at the Text
more booobiees doesnt mean more fashionista serena.

the quote that i love in this episode:

of course from our very own gossip girl to blair:..Roses are red, hydrangeas are blue. Chuck's given his heart away ... But guess what, Blair? Not to you.

this quote so called "pantun" in Malays is the line i looove the most during my secondary our malay "pantun" pen merah pen biru u marah i love u.

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