Sunday, March 27, 2011

long absent

i am miss bizzy now. but i will try to find time to update my blog. i am quite disappointed that gossip girl season 4 will only be back on april 18,2011. seriously, how many break do they need?? for this season only, they had 2 break already. i really hate to wait. but i will write about the episode that i did not write yet. hmmm....and another thing that kill me to death is that this week is the season finale for Pretty Little Liars. i will die in boringness (is it even a word?)!

Andddd...about my promise to write a review on the Chronicles of merong maha wangsa, i could not yet find suitable time to watch it, since i just join as estate agent and its so messy right now, plus my research and everything (blah.blah.bluh. excuse after excuses).

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