Sunday, February 20, 2011

gossip girl - now n then (season 1)

I am craving more of gossip girl. but need to wait until this Tuesday (Monday in NY) for the latest episode airing. so, as to fill my so called freeeee time, i been called to write on the summary on the gossip girl from 1 season till the latest season, in my point of view.


in this season, audiences was introduced to main character - serena, blair, nate, dan n chuck. in this season, chuck seem more to an add rather than a main role. but when the show developed, the writers maybe realize that people love chuck more than nate (in novel, nate is the central of attention). then only comes the relation between chuck n blair coz people love to see bad boy with bad girl (no doubt blair n chuck like magnet pole). n serena start her relationship with dan who admired her before she left for boarding school.

we can see blair struggle hard to be no 1 in everything. she is so mad that serena came back and afraid in the same time if serena take back her title as queen bee. with serena, she feel so insecure and always feel that she been put as number 2 even by her mother.

while serena in the other hand, came back to upper east side and dont care about her "it girl" title anymore, she came back and she tried to changed from party girl to girl next door. she get lots of help from dan (who admired her) , to become a good person.

Nate was introduced as blair's handsome boyfriend who at the same time had feeling to serena. he also lost his virginity to serena (G.R.O.S.S). His character is strength in season 1.

Chuck is a rich spoiled boy who in the same time is a best friend of nate's. he also befriend with serena and blair because they share same social natework. at the middle of the season, we get to see chuck first love even he had been with lots of girl before.

Dan is a poor boy from Brooklyn who lived with his father and a little sister, jenny. Blair really hates dan she dont even want to be close to dan as if he will spread the bacteria to her. dan become serena's boyfriend in this season 1.

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