Monday, February 21, 2011

the merong mahawangsa saga - Malaysia's epic movie

i saw an advertisement on this movie which will be in cinema on 10 March 2011. its a wow to malaysian. KRU production must be proud. i think it is an epic movie about merong mahawangsa, who is a legend in Malay land (before the formation of Malaysia, Malaysia is known as Malay Land).

I used to read about merong mahawangsa when i was in primary school (i sneaked in my brother's room n read it). unfortunately i already forgot the contain (amnesia, anyone?).

with God willing i will write about this movie when i watched it in March. pls catchup with me. =)

gotta go.da~

**sorry the name of the movie is THE MALAY CHRONICLES BLOODLINES, not the merong mahawangsa saga (which i directly translate from malay's title)

**untuk membaca blog ini dalam bahasa melayu, lawat

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