Thursday, February 17, 2011

pretty little liars - the introduction

pretty little liars is a new teenage show. the show starts airing in 2010, unfortunately, in Malaysia the show is not airing in any of our Tv channel. what a waste.

i will do some introduction on this show. whoever in Kuala Lumpur is interested to follow this show, just let me know =)
i am more than happy to share it with u all girls~ mayb we can discuss about the show and share our taught here. right? below is some info about the show:


this show is base on a teenage novel PRETTY LITTLE LIARS released in 2006 and is written by sara shepard. I come to know this series when i browse through google to find some new series that i can watch during gossip girl series break (ok.ok.enough about me).

this show is about 4 best friends (Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily) plus another 1 dead best friend (Alison Dilaurentis) who had been disappeared after their sleepover before they start their 8th grade in their school Rosewood Day. everything had changed since Alison disappeared. Aria moved to Iceland, Spencer, Hanna and Emily is no longer bestfriends. Hanna find her new best buddy (Mona) and replace Alison as Queen Bee. Emily focus on her swim team the shark and Spencer become more and more perfectionist.

After 3 years of the incident, Aria returns to town and find out everything had changed. Alison body was found and the black mail of unidentified person who introduced him/herself as A start to hunt this 4 little liars life. and the show begin with more and more mystery things happen in their live. they are being black mail by email, sms, letter and others such as unpleasant mystery gift. (below is the picture of 4 little liars and Alison)

Four Pretty Little Liars
from left spencer, emily, hanna and aria

A Photo
Alison - missing. reward RM 1,000,000 heheeee

i will write in Malay later. hope u all feel it to your nerves. its a great show to follow after all, not a waste of time =)

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